Some fine television

Hi! Welcome to Some Fine Television, with your hosts Patrick and Samuel. As you might be able to glean from the title, each episode discusses some of the fine television, new and old, available these days.

Recent episodes

  1. 005: Bruce Campbell Isn't Real — Mr Robot S01E04

    fsociety's takes a bit of a road trip as their plan gets into gear in Mr Robot's fourth episode. Will things go as planned, or will Elliot be haunted by his, er, daemons?

  2. 004: I'll Hug Just About Anybody — Mr Robot S01E03

    Can Mr Robot keep up the streak of good episodes? Listen to find out!

  3. 003: Yeah, Whatever. I Don't Know — Mr Robot S01E02

    What say Pat and Sam of Mr Robot's second episode? Is it as good as the pilot? Is the episode a one, or is it a zero? Listen to find out!

  4. 002: Unnatural Pause - Mr Robot S01E01

    In this inaugural episode (pay no attention to the episode number behind the curtain), Pat and Sam discuss the first episode of Mr Robot. Critics are raving, but what think our intrepid hosts? Listen to find out!